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Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 Pandora's Box Twist Has Fans Buzzing


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The Big Brother 11
Pandora's Box mystery has fans scratching their heads. It has also sent fans scrambling to the internet, trying to figure out exactly what this rumored "Big Brother 11 Pandora's Box" actually might be. It all goes back to a mystery door that was found at the back of the HOH bedroom, and which is going to apparently provide a major twist to the game, some of which has already happened in the house.

The biggest mystery behind the Pandora's Box story in the house, is that even the live feed watchers can't figure out what is going to happen, and the houseguests themselves appear to be somewhat still in the dark.

The facts that have been revealed about the Big Brother 11 mystery door, and its relation to Pandora's Box are limited at best. What is known, is that when the head of household (Kevin) was given an instruction card, and showed a mystery door where he could enter if he so chose.

There has been debate online as to whether Kevin was actually given a choice to go in or not, and that production told him to just do it. This has not been confirmed yet, but Kevin did go in the door, found himself not alone, and was handcuffed and locked inside the mystery room. It was then left up to the rest of the house to free him.

What transpired after Kevin went into the mystery room, and what is going to happen as a result of this sub-plot in the house is anyone's guess at this point. Jeff found the key that would end up letting Kevin out of the house, and chose to do that instead of going after money, and further conjecture from fans that watch the live feeds is that all of the house guests were able to gain cash prizes in the back yard during this "luxury competition."

The term Pandora's Box is coming into play, because there will be consequences to Kevin being let out of the mystery room, but whether they are good or bad ones for the people that participated is up in the air. It is also unclear whether the key that Jeff found to let Kevin out has other meanings in the house.

The unfortunate part about the rumors and "Pandora's Box" in the Big Brother house right now is that only the production team really knows what's going on. The house guests haven't talked enough about what happened to reveal specific facts Now everyone will have to wait for answers, including those people watching the live feeds, and all fans of the show have to hold their breath that something exciting is going to happen. Host Julie Chen said there was a twist, so something big may be coming soon.

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