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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Criss Angel: Mindfreak S5.E3 “Mass Levitation” (August 26, 2009) Recap


Autograph Transfer: At the Circus Circus, Criss shuffles a new deck of cards and has a spectator pick a card. She picks the 4 of clubs and shows it to everybody. Criss isolates the spectator’s card then has her pick out another item from the store. She picks a season four poster. Criss rubs her card on the poster and an autograph that was on the poster magically appears on the card (and is no longer on the poster).

How He Did It (highlight the following text area if you want to know how Criss did it): I’m not positive on this one but I think Criss may have just simply used a two-sided sticker. The autograph was messy enough that you wouldn’t be able to tell if the writing reversed when the sticker was placed on the card.

Guillotine Joke: On the “Criss Angel Believe!” stage, Criss shows off a ten-foot guillotine to a group of spectators. He “demonstrates” the guillotine’s “safe” setting on a spectator then picks out several new spectators to drop the guillotine again. This time, the guy starts bleeding from the neck like the blade cut into it. For some bizarre reason, the spectators actually buy it even though it was fairly obviously a joke.

Card Prediction: Criss has a spectator pick out a card from a deck and hold onto it. He predicts her card and puts it into a ticket envelope. The card in the envelope is revealed and its the same.

Mini Car Float: At “Not Just Antiques,” Criss talks to a little girl who is in a mini car. He then makes the car start to float. He passes a red frame through the car to show that there aren’t any wires attached to it then makes it drop back down to the ground.

Paintball Premonition: At Premier Paintball, Criss tells us he has a premonition about an event that is about to take place and which involves four different paintball guns that shoot different colors. The four guns shoot at a sheet of paper that has pictures of 52 playing cards on it. Miraculously, the prediction is correct on all four placements of the paint balls.

How He Did It (highlight the following text area if you want to know how Criss did it): I don’t believe Criss ever said the four shooters were random spectators. Therefore, I believe they were all sharpshooters who were told what to shoot at beforehand. Sharpshooters are extremely accurate and these ones could probably hit those targets in their sleep.

Criss Through Metal: Criss wonders if a solid can pass through metal. He then walks through a metal post that is holding a sign up.

Chair to Box: Criss has his assistant sit in a chair then he puts on a large cape. He rushes at her and puts the cape over her and the chair and an empty box is brought in. Eventually, he removes the cape and the girl is gone. The box is opened and she is inside.

Mass Levitation: At AdventureDome, Criss attempts to put a large amount of people into a trance. He succeeds then picks out certain people and makes them levitate or pose in impossible ways.

How He Did It (highlight the following text area if you want to know how Criss did it):

Sorce : The TV Legion

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