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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Woman Behind Ted Kennedy


by Mike Krumboltz

Sen. Ted Kennedy's death inspired tremendous search interest in his triumphs, tragedies, and famous family. Some of the most popular lookups are on the late Senator's companions, first wife Joan Kennedy, and second wife Vicki.

Joan Kennedy was married to Ted for 24 years and played an incredibly important role in her husband's career. A popular article from the USA Today explains that Joan stood by her husband through thick and thin, sometimes at a "great personal cost."

During their marriage, Joan supported her husband through the deaths of his brothers and during the infamous Chappaquiddick incident. She also publicly suffered multiple miscarriages and battles with alcoholism. Following her ex-husband's death, lookups spiked on "joan kennedy children" and "joan kennedy alcoholism."

Also, surging were queries on "joan kennedy young" and "joan kennedy pictures." Joan was a model before marrying into the Kennedy clan, and President John F. Kennedy famously referred to her as "the dish." She was recently seen at Eunice Shriver's memorial, just a few weeks ago.

Sen. Kennedy and his first wife split in 1983, and he went on to marry Victoria some years later. The two wives were notably different. Victoria, or "Vicki," was raised in a political family of her own, so she knew what it was like to be in the public eye. Her father served as a judge in Louisiana, and had strong connections to the Kennedy family, even before his daughter married into it.

Some are wondering if Vicki Kennedy will be the one to take her late husband's seat in the Senate. The late "Lion of the Senate" was said to endorse her for the position. Queries on "vicki kennedy for senate" certainly suggest that there is no small amount of interest. When asked about the possibilities of filling the seat in an interim basis, Mrs. Kennedy reportedly said she has no interest. Still, according to Boston.com, "she is well-liked in political circles" and "would be an attractive candidate to succeed her husband."

Of course, those decisions are still a ways away. We imagine that for now, both Joan and Vicki are in mourning, remembering Sen. Kennedy for what he represented most to them: a husband.

Source :Yahoo news

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