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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hot News: Swine Flu Symptoms Checker


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Swine flu
does not normally infect us, and has only rarely crossed over into the human population. When it has, it has died out rapidly.

however the virus has proved to be more resilient. The Health Protection Agency has said that this particular strain of the virus is highly contagious and has managed to spread quickly from person to person.

If you have recently been to Mexico or parts of America, or you have come into contact with someone who has recently been there, you may have become infected, especially if you are now displaying flu-like symptoms.

Take this quick test to check your symptoms, and find out what you need to do next in the event of infection.

Please bear in mind that the symptoms of human seasonal flu and swine flu are almost identical, so it is important not to get alarmed if you are displaying flu symptoms as they are most likely to be caused by human seasonal flu. However, you should always contact your GP if you suspect you have any type of flu as there can be complications arising from the infection, especially in the very young or the elderly.

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