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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hot Trend: Tebow injured


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Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was taken to the hospital by ambulance after taking a shot to the head while being sacked in the third quarter of the No. 1 Gators’ game against Kentucky at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday night.
There was no immediate report on the quarterback’s condition.

Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, was sacked by Wildcats defensive end Taylor Wyndham on a third-and-6 play from the Kentucky 9. Tebow didn’t appear to see Wyndham, who hit him squarely in the chest. As Tebow fell to the ground, the back of his head hit Gators tackle Marcus Gilbert’s knee.

Tebow, a senior from Jacksonville, Fla., lay motionless on the turf for several seconds. He was eventually able to sit up, and was then helped to the Florida sideline by trainers and coaches, where his parents came down from the stands to join him. At one point, the entire Florida team was on the field to check on their star quarterback. Kentucky officials had a motorized cart and backboard in place to remove Tebow from the field.

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