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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo Leaked


Today is a very surprising day for me, Why? Because the Michael Jackson autopsy death photo was leaked by a “high ranking police friend” to a Los Angeles restaurant owner. Now he has stored the Michael Jackson autopsy photo in his BlackBerry. Why a restaurant owner has the purported photo anyway, and who he is, is unclear. Moreover how a “police friend” got access to the photo remains unanswered.

Gerald Posner the reporter of The Daily Beast spoke that he is received a phone call from someone that allegedly has the latest king of Pop Michael Jackson photograph on the autopsy table. Posner are pretty sure that latest image of Michael Jackson “was not a Cell phone picture” because “quality was far too good” for the mobile phone camera. 
The details are profiled in a report this week that an online writer received a telephone tip about the photo’s owner. What does the photo show? The viewer described the photo as "shocking." It is  Jackson with his eyes wide open, shaved skull, shaven head, eyebrows tattooed, skin ashen in color, lips flat without makeup, showing a scar on left cheek, lying on his back on a metal autopsy table. The picture was taken at a 30-degree angle toward the left side of the corpse. My god it’s creepy, can’t imagine. The angle the alleged position of the cameraman is 30 degrees to the left. Beyond the telephone tip, a British tabloid editor told to Posner the photo could demand at least a $1 million sale price.

In my opinion publishing someone's death photo is very disgusting and disrespectful. Who really needs to see autopsy photos of a dead Michael Jackson anyway? How about you?

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