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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who The Winner Of Celebrity Apprentice 2


The Celebrity Apprentice at this year been a long journey drama, Celebrity apprentice would be the  hottest topics on the internet till now. You might didn’t remember anymore when it starts and the end. Now I will tell you who the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice 2. Yes,  the winner is Joan Rivers. Hooray!! I’m happy because I want she won the Celebrity Apprentice 2 and it happen.

Well, here a bit drama, Joan Rivers beat off the poker player Annie Duke on the three-hour live finale at Sunday night.  She truly work hard to beat Annie Duke and It wasn't easy win of course,  the finale challenge which had the only two contenders raise money
for their respective charities by selling Cirque du Soleil tickets and providing a pre-show VIP party saw Annie way ahead in earnings than Joan.  While Annie also won props for integrating her charity well with the challenge, Joan took home points for attracting bigger celebrities and integrating another sponsor, Kodak, into the fore better.

In the end and after countless arguments, Donald Trump applauded Annie for doing a good job throughout, but highlighted Joan being a role model for many people.  Then he fired Annie and named Joan Rivers the Celebrity Apprentice for this year. In this case Joan eventually raised $150,830 for the charity she supports, God's Love We Deliver, which provides prepared meals to those who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and thus can't cook for themselves.  Annie raised more money $465,725 for Refugees International, a group which provides medical and educational support to displaced people across the globe. Now, that result may get some controversial from viewers. The discuss about this will be continues till The Next Celebrity Apprentice.

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