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Friday, October 30, 2009

Laura Bush Killed a Guy


Lady Laura Bush or Laura Welch killed a guy in car accident Michael Douglas on Nov. 5, 1963, at 8 p.m., when she was 17 years old. Laura Bush killed a guy when driving east on Farm Road 868 with her best friend Judy Dykes to a party and the two ladies were talking about fashion when her car collided with Douglas’ Jeep. Mike Douglas, also 17, was thrown from the vehicle, he broke his neck, and died instantly.
Dan Harris, who witnessed the accident said:

“She didn’t see him, he didn’t see her.”
Laura’s best friend Beverly Girdley added:
“It was a terrible accident.”

Michael Douglas was star athlete at Laura Bush High School, he was excelling In track and football, he was the best player in school. He was nominated as the most popular boy in high school. Some people said that Laura was drinking, but police report said that the car speed reach 50 Mph at the time of the accident, the limit on that road was 55 Mph.

It is sad accident but that the fact and real story from Laura Bush this news released by Family Gay episode, the Boy’s family becomes so sad after hear this sad story. I want to show you the video; unfortunately the video has been removed.

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