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Sunday, November 1, 2009

When is Daylight Savings Fall 2009?


When is Daylight Savings Fall 2009? The date for Daylight Savings fall back originally was the last Sunday of October. But two years ago the day we do our time change … changed.

Daylight Savings Fall 2009 clock change is November 1, 2009 … today!

The Daylight Savings fall back is no longer the last Sunday of October. Instead it’s now the first Sunday of November. For 2009, that date is today.

You next clock change is not until March. Clocks are changed the second Sunday in March each year. For 2010, that date will be March 14 2010.

The notion of changing clocks back and forth during a calendar year is believed originated by the Romans. During Romans times, historians believed citizens were told to use different clocks with different time settings throughout different parts of the year. Today’s modern use ofDaylight Savings time derives from the work of George Vernon Hudson in 1895.

And whereas society has come to refer to the date as “Daylight Savings Time”, the correct name is “Daylight Saving Time”.

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