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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lazio President Piero Marazzo Resign


Is it true Lazio President Piero Marrazzo resign? What’s the reason? Before I answer this question, it think it’s a good idea if I write a short description about Piero Marazzo, Here we go. Piero Marazzo is the son of Giuseppe Marrazzo (a field journalist noted for his investigations on mafia) and Italian-American Luigia Spina, Piero Marrazzo (born in Rome on July 29, 1958) served as the President of Lazio, one of the twenty regions of Italy, from 2005 to 2009.

Piero Marrazzo was a political activist during his youth, leading towards reformist socialism, and obtained a degree in jurisprudence. He went on to become a prominent TV journalist, working for twenty years for RAI, on programmes such as TG2 and TG3, heading the Tuscany journalistic department of RAI, working with Giovanni Minoli (on programmes such as "Cronaca in Diretta", "Drugstories", and "Format"), and finally becoming the anchorman for eight consecutive years of "Mi Manda Rai Tre", for which he is most remembered. In November 2004 he left his job to run for presidency of Lazio as the candidate of centre-left coalition L'Unione; he won the April 2005 regional elections attracting 50.7% of votes.

A prominent opposition politician embroiled in a scandal over his alleged encounter with a transsexual prostitute resigned his high-profile job on Tuesday as head of the region that includes Rome. Piero Marrazzo has said he made mistakes and that he had been living a "nightmare" since the encounter in July in a Rome apartment. Four policemen have been arrested for allegedly attempting to blackmail the 51-year-old Marrazzo, who is married and has three daughters.

"My personal condition of extreme suffering makes my stay at the helm of the region not longer useful for the Lazio citizens," Marrazzo said in a statement announcing his resignation. He said the resignation was "final and irrevocable". He also maintained that he had always acted for the good of his citizens, "whatever personal mistakes I may have committed in my private life".

In previous statements, he had admitted to "weaknesses". Marrazzo had already handed over his responsibilities to his deputy last weekend, after the scandal broke. Media reports say there is a video evidence, though the video has not been publicly seen. You may search on search engine if there was, Marrazzo said he wrote three cheques to the alleged blackmailers, although they weren't cashed. He said he did not go to the police out of fear and shame.

The scandal was the latest blow to the already weak Democratic Party, the main opposition force to Premier Silvio Berlusconi's conservatives. Marrazzo has suspended his membership in the party, but the scandal has overshadowed the election of a new party leader in a primary vote this weekend. Media reports said Tuesday that Marrazzo, seeking to drop out of the public eye, wanted to spend some time at a Benedictine monastery or some other religious institute near the capital. His whereabouts were not made public. I hope you may get calm and rest from your trouble or scandal you had made.

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