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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brooke Hundley and Steve Philips Affair


Brooke Hundley, Brooke Hundley and Brook Hundley plus Steve Philips. Yups, that names are very familiar lately. Whats going on? Just kidding. You already know isn’t?. But I want to write about Brooke Hundley, but let’s started with Steve Philips.

Steve Phillips has lost his job as ESPN has said that he is not competent for the high profile job at the ESPN. He was a senior analyst at the ESPN and reportedly drew a very high salary from the broadcaster.
From the latest news I read, Steve Philips is reportedly going to spend some time at a rehabilitation center following the reports started making headlines about his wayward life.

His relationship with Brook Hundley seems to have given a big blow to former Mets general manager’s professional and personal life. His wife has separated and there is a real danger that he may lose the custody of his kids. Phillips has apologized for his wayward behavior to his coworkers and his family. But he should apologize more to his wife who has suffered tremendously from his long term sexual relationship with Brook Hundley.

Below is Broke Hundley photo info, check it out.

Who is Brooke Hundley? Brooke Hundley is the 22-year-old ESPN production assistant who had a sexual relationship with ESPN analyst Steve Phillips and then sent Phillips' wife a letter detailing their relationship. She's young, ambitious and eager to please. She is a 2008 graduate of Ithaca College - but her resume already includes stops at HBO, ABC, NBC Sports and the 24-hour sports network.

"Networking is not sucking up," Hundley wrote two years ago to her dean at Ithaca's Park School of Communications. "You never know who you will need help from further down the road ... so be nice, and get to know everybody." The 22-year-old's resume cites a variety of job skills, from sports media to breaking news. But Hundley found herself in the headlines over an alleged affair with Phillips, an ESPN baseball analyst. She reportedly blabbed about the affair to Phillips' wife, Marni, in a letter and may have contacted one of the couple's young sons. Phillips, 46, has been suspended by ESPN for a week and Marni has filed for divorce. Despite the sudden and unwanted attention, Hundley's MySpace page listed her mood Wednesday as "hopeful."

She is make me very Curious Who is the woman at the center of the latest media sex scandal? Her Facebook page reveals that she is a 2008 graduate of Ithaca College. Her LinkedIn page says she interned for Warner Brothers and ABC Studios and worked on the Olympics for NBC Sports before joining ESPN, and describes her experience as follows:
Media professional experienced in television production with broad knowledge and experience in live events, scripted shows, comedy, sports, documentaries and online content. Extensive knowledge in new and emerging technologies especially in social networks, and their successful integration into broadcast as well as complementary roles to existing programs to increase viewership.


 When you look at the picture above, what do you think about them? are they harmonious or sucks what? Well that's all, see you in the next post on Hot News Today blog!

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