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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nook Electronic eBook Reader


Nook is a new electronic book reader. This Nook eBook reader is a chain Barnes & Noble product. The bookstore chain Noble and Barnes in New York presented its first electronic reader, a device with a color dual screen (3.5-inch) called Nook and the price is $ 259. Aims to compete with Amazon’s Kindle.

Noble and Barnesis the latest company to join the e-book phenomenon dominated by Kindle, will have the Google Android operating system, which will enable users to purchase paid work also borrow books. Initially it has a catalog of more than one million eBooks.

Although the company had kept secret Nook features until the official presentation, the The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal gave details from the info given by Barnes & Noble to advertise on their pages.

With a price that is equal to the Kindle now-after being dropped repeatedly, the Nook has major developments such as color display and allow users to find their titles without a problem. The screen on this model, which includes a touch pad, works with the same technology used by the reader from Amazon and other similar devices called “electronic ink” that facilitates the electronic readout. The device supports the downloading of books, newspapers and other publications over a wireless net connection.

Nook users have access to more than one million electronic books through digital store the company launched last July, the first that integrates works without copyright restrictions that Google has digitized.  Titles that Barnes & Noble sells on the site is also compatible with various electronic readers, as well as so-called smart phones, like Apple’s iPhone or Blackberry phones, but are not available for the Sony Reader, nor for the Amazon Kindle.

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