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Monday, October 26, 2009

Top Ten Broadband in UK


This article will displays the best Top 10 Broadband land-line or fixed-line providers in the UK, as voted by readers of ISPreview. Top 10 Broadband Awards were held in London yesterday. Talk less do more, okay here it is:
1. Fast.co.uk
2. Naims

4. SurfAnyTime
5. Aquiss
6. Vispa'
7. IDNet
8. Zen Internet
10. TitanADSL

So who is the 1st winner at top 10 broadband awards? The winner is Plusnet. Yes, Plusnet impressed the judges with their value broadband package at just £5.99 a month, cheap price but high in quality indeed.

The top10 broadband awards judges examined the monthly costs associated with each of the nominated broadband providers and paid close attention to the extras included in the packages. On awarding the prize for Best Value Home Broadband, the Top10 judges said: “At just £5.99 a month, Plusnet Value offers the best value home broadband on the market”.

“Good value is not just about the price on the box and Plusnet’s Value Broadband package includes all the trimmings with a free wireless router, 24/7 support, free set up and broadband firewall and spam protection. Plusnet show that there’s more to value than upfront costs.” Now you know the best broadband in low cost but high in quality, so which one you choose?

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