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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Malik Nadal Hasan Identified as Killer


The shooter responsible for 11 deaths and at least 31 injuries has been identified as Malik Nadal Hasan, according to World News with Charles Gibson. Malik Nadal Hasan was an Army Major, a doctor at Fort Hood, one doctor among many who gave medical evaluation to soldiers who were soon to be deployed to Iraq.

 It was first believed that there could be as many as three shooters involved in the Fort Hood tragedy. Malik Nadal Hasan, who was shot and killed and two other soldiers who were in custody. The two in custody have now been released. It is believed that Malik Nadal Hasan was the only one involved in the Fort Hood shootings.

 Motive as to why the newly promoted Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan would open fire at Fort Hood is unclear at this time. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson reported to 'Fox News' that Malik Nadal Hasan was to be deployed to Iraq in the near future and he did not want to go. There was speculation that Malik Nadal Hasan may have been of Muslim faith, but it has been confirmed that Malik Nadal Hasan was a native of Jordan, therefore unlikely a convert.

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