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Friday, November 6, 2009

Kimberly Munley Wounded But Hailed as Hero Today


Kimberly Munley is the civilian police officer who arriving first on the scene of the Foort Hood shootings. Based today report she shot Malik Nadal 4 times and now Kimberly Munley is being hailed as a hero. The base's top commander, Lieutenant General Bob Cone, credited her with stopping the shooting rampage that killed 13 people despite being wounded herself. Cone added that Munley and her partner responded within three minutes of reported gunfire on Thursday afternoon.

Kimberly Munley had been directing traffic moments before she confronted the gunman. Base officials lauded an officer, Kimberly Munley, who shot the gunman and was wounded herself.
"She happened to encounter the gunman. In an exchange of gunfire, she was wounded but managed to wound him four times," Cone said. "It was an amazing and aggressive performance by this police officer."
Kimberly Munley responded to reports of gunfire in the area with her partner. She rushed inside a building, saw Hasan rounding a corner. She was standing only "a few feet" from Hasan. She opened fire and took him down. Hasan fired on her and wounded her.

Thursday evening from the hospital, Munley was able to make phone calls.

Lt. General Robert Cone praised Sgt. Kimberly Munley's rapid response:
"It was an amazing and an aggressive performance by this police officer," Cone said.
Cone said Munley's aggressive response training taught her that "if you act aggressively to take out a shooter you will have less fatalities."
 "She walked up and engaged him," he said. He praised her as "one of our most impressive young police officers."

The short background on Nadal Malik Hasan is that he is in the hospital on a ventilator and unconscience. He is a devout American-born Muslim. His name is his birth name. He is a Major in the U.S. Army and a psychiatrist who spent numerous years treating wounded troops at Walter Reed Army hospital in Washington, D.C. where he received a poor performance review from his commanding officer. He was transferred to Ft. Hood in June 2009.

Hasan has never served overseas but was due to deploy to Iraq in late November. The Major made many comments about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and some who knew him and work with him said he was against the wars, and said Muslims should stand up against the "aggressors," meaning allied forces. He was under investigation by the Army at the time of the shootings.

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