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Monday, November 9, 2009

Marlee Matlin's Book Must Read!


The American actress Marlee Matlin has decided to tell all her love story in her new book. The book has some glimpses of her relationship with the Hollywood actor William Hurt. Moreover it reveals some shocking incidents in their romance too. Marlee Matlin will expose her romance in this book.

Well, after two years that they had dated Marlee Matlin revealed that she had new business in everyday. In her book 'I'll Scream Later' Matlin claims that she had been in a physically abusive relationship with actor William Hurt. She describes a turbulent and violent courtship and one abusive fight in which she claims Hurt threw her on a bed and ripped her clothes off while she sobbed, “No, no, no. Please Bill, no.” Even though she was scared of her boyfriend, she loved him.

During the two years that they had dated, the actress revealed that she had new bruises every day. There were a lot of unpleasant things happened around. Matlin said that Hurt was battling alcoholism at the time and she was addicted to cocaine.

Marlee Matlin feel'n  so wrapped up in her world and her drugs. She was just 19 years at that time and had no friends. She believes that the drugs took over her life!. She need a changes indeed.

Okay, this is about her new book and for those Marlee Matlin fans i suggest you to hunt her book If you have not purchased it. For next post it still related to Marlee Matlin about, so stay tune to get the updated from me. See you in the next post in this blog! :-)

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